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Eclipse Classic 4.2.1 (Juno) and PHP Developer Toolkit (PDT) 3.1.1
This is a post to help those who are having problems installing Eclipse PDT (PHP Developer Toolkit) on Eclipse Juno 4.2. I don't know why this is like this right now, but it seems that the installation instructions on the PDT website do not work for Eclipse Classic 4.2. Their instructions state that all you have to do is add the following repository and check off what you want from the listed packages:

To install latest stable PDT build, open "Help -> Install New Software" in Eclipse and enter following URL:

I found the above solution not to be the case. Instead of working nicely, it comes back with dependency errors, usually that it's missing the PDT UI Plug-in. Searching around their forums gives no help. Either people figured it out and didn't share their solutions with the world (a huge peeve of mine) or they went with the default answer, which is to install the pre-packaged version of Eclipse 3.7/PDT.

Well, I didn't want any of their non-sense, so I searched around for a better way. It turns out that Indigo (the last Eclipse version) has a full release list at /releases/indigo/, so I decided to try it out. It takes some time to load, but not surprisingly, there's a PHP Developer Toolkit listed under the "Programming Languages" section. I picked it out, hit next, and no dependency issues came up. What magic! So, if you're having problems installing PDT as a plugin to Eclipse Classic, use the Juno repository below. It has a million tons of other tools too for your enlightenment. And you know what's in the installed plugins list after this is all done? PDT UI Plug-in.

Juno Repository:

I hope you find this little tidbit of information a relief to your headaches.

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Wow, I spent hours trying to get a php plugin for eclipse 4.2.1 and ended up going in circles and pulled out a bunch of hair from my head until I found your article. Thank you so much Steve, you saved my day.


It's really helpful and saved my time a lot. Thank you

Thank you so much for that! Really helpful.

Good thing I Googled Eclipse Juno PDT before spending much time on it - your advice worked like a charm - thank you Steve!

thank u :-)

thank you

why the hell PDT repository content isn't working !!! plus it's the one specified in the official doc !!

lost many hours with this !!

thanks a lot to you

I do hope you meant this solution worked for you and you're thankful for it. Believe me, I had the same problem trying to download releases from the PDT repository. No idea why it's not fixed, but it is clear that the Juno repository is the thing to use.

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