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Steve K.

This is my brain on LiveJournal.

29 January
I rarely update this, but perhaps I should at least give it attention once every couple of years. I majored in computer science after having grown up tinkering with computers and programming. I now work a software programmer job involving data processing for government tax processing. Web development was my first love in the world of computer professions. It would be easy for me to fix your computer from the most drastic of situations, but I like to keep that skill a secret because it takes me away from my real interests, though I'm willing to help out on occasion. For many years now, I've been in the hobby of composing electronica music. Things are changing fast for me right now as I begin a phase of reorganization. I used to be a neat freak, but since high school I've lost the skill and other disciplines. Now I'm tired of the mess and am cleaning things out.