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God yes, thank you. I have a Flash (as in the)t-shirt, and twice in the last two weeks since I got it I've been asked, "oh you like Flash Gordon?" Not one comment about The Flash tho.

Flash Confusion

Thank you so much for putting this information here. It answered my question perfectly. I kept telling my husband they were the same and he kept arguing they weren't....oops my bad lol.

Thanx for that. I was getting confused between the two.

The Flash(Super-hero) is a title however, Flash(Gordon) is his name.

i was totally confused...thumbs really know whats up..!


You are wrong. Flash Gordon IS THE FLASH!! Sorry to rain on your parade

You must be trolling. If you could provide some recorded evidence that Steve Gordon has supernatural powers, then I'm all ears, but I don't see any evidence that Flash Gordon has super speed like The Flash, and is nothing more than a really great role model, and was written to compete with the likes of Buck Rogers.

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